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Nick Etemadipour / September 28, 2018

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Explore Cam

Adventure camera
& editor

Case Study

Essential - Founder
of Android gives birth
to a new brand

Essential’s products are new, but the story is ancient. It would of course be extremely strange to compare it to the movie 300. So let’s do that. While King Leonidas is leading 300 Spartans with Herculean bodies and sharp blades into the battle against the Persian army of 300,000 soldiers, Andy Rubin is leading 100 tech superstars with insane skills and sharp brains into an epic consumer tech battle.

A better camera
to explore the world

We spent a lot of time to research and decompose
most popular camera apps. Finally, we can say we
know the recipe.

Powerful manual camera
with pro tools

High-end photo editor

Professional presets from most
famous photographers

Simple and
beautiful library

Powerful manual camera
with pro tools

Your personal spirit
of adventures

Explore cam philosophy is built around freedom
and travel. We wondered to make the interface
that will represent that feeling

Important things
are still important

Pro tools requires a perfect UX to achieve
maximum work speed. That’s why everything
you’ll need to take a great photo is available
by a single tap.

Focus help
Highlighting objects
based on their sharpness
Get the perfect
exposure easily
Overexposed areas now
visible in real time
Lots of grids for
different needs

Powerful tools for
creative photographers

Editor is coverering all the needs of professional photographers. It’s a way more than just a typical instagram editor.

Perspective correction
as simple as possible

Auto correction, manual lines. That’s all you need
to get a perfect picture

World class presets as
a monetization model

Explore Cam works with professional
photographers  to bring the new level
of quality to the market

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